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Mr Alan Hubbard MBBS, BSc, FRCOphth is a consultant ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon. He qualified in London and trained in ophthalmology in Manchester, London and Brisbane, Australia. Upon completion of his basic training, Alan  undertook a fellowship in oculoplastic and lacrimal (tear duct) surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. There he was trained in the surgical management of functional and cosmetic abnormalities of the eyelid and lacrimal system by world-renowned surgeons on what is recognised as the best fellowship training available in the UK. 

In 2000, Alan was appointed as consultant ophthalmologist at Leighton Hospital, Crewe and Macclesfield District General Hospital where he has held many senior roles including head of department for 8 years. He recently moved to a full time post in Macclesfield. In addition to maintaining a busy general ophthalmology service, he provides a specialist oculoplastic and lacrimal service. A founder member of the British Society of Oculoplastic surgeons, Alan has a thriving private practice specialising in high-precision cataract (including premium lenses) and oculoplastic surgery including cosmetic blepharoplasty. He practises privately at the Spire Regency Hospital, Macclesfield

Alan specialises in the treatment of cataracts, ptosis (droopy eyelid), abnormalities of lid position (ectropion/entropion), lid tumours, xanthelasma (minor growths on the eyelids caused by cholesterol under the skin), and lid lumps and bumps. He also performs blepharoplasty – the removal of excessive eyelid skin.

Other relevant interests are his active membership of the British Oculoplastic Surgeons Society www.bopss.org and The Royal College Of Ophthalmologists www.rcophth.ac.uk

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